Maria Arusoo to continue as director of CCA, Estonia

The board of the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia (CCAE) foundation made the decision to extend the mandate of current director Maria Arusoo for another term, 2018 - 2023. 
The board considers Maria Arusoo to have proven herself during her first term of office (2013–2018) as a competent, capable and committed head of institution who has fulfilled the statutory goals of the foundation, and among other things, has served successfully as the commissioner for the Estonian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. During her first term, Arusoo has built a motivated team, has led the renewal of CCA’s strategic leadership and has been distinctively developing the contemporary art scene of Estonia. CCAE has now reached a stage in which it’s important to steadily continue along established courses of action and reinforce the role of contemporary art in Estonia.

Member of the board Kaido Ole adds: “Maria Arusoo’s expertise is undeniable, as well as her capacity as an organiser and interlocutor. Furthermore, Arusoo is the type of leader people want to work with. A leader whose presence does not impede or intimidate, but provides encouragement and momentum. A skill like this can’t be learned and such humanity is a highly important quality for a director of an organisation in service of the entire art sphere. The board wishes to continue working with this individual and professional, whose position in the world of art has attained great importance in a short period of time.”
Maria Arusoo stresses the importance of regional and international collaboration – CCAE continues creating opportunities for artists through residencies and international collaboration and promoting discourse on local contemporary art; contemporary art history and archival work will also receive more attention. "We’re not planning on making any radical changes, but rather building on the foundation we have laid over the past five years," said Arusoo. "I am so glad that CCAE’s board trusted me and my team to continue this work. The goal, as before, is to be a content-creating and open partner for both international and local art communities."
Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia was established in 1992 as an expert institution for international art projects with a mission to vitalise and cultivate contemporary art in Estonia, conceptualising current tendencies in contemporary art and engaging in a critical dialogue with society. Since 1999, CCAE has been the commissioner of the Estonian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and since 2016, the co-commissioner of the Baltic Triennial. The director’s position in CCAE has previously been held by Sirje Helme and Johannes Saar.
Further details:
Chairman of the board of Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia
Sirje Helme

Maria Arusoo, photo by Marco Krunic