Kadi Estland and Netti NĂ¼ganen at Tartu Art Museum

CCA, Estonia and Tartu Art Museum collaborate for a curated show by Marika Agu (CCA, Estonia) of two artists: Kadi Estland and Netti Nüganen. The opening of the exhibition is at 6pm on January 17th 2019 at Tartu Art Museum. 


The exhibition is open until April 28, 2019. 

Two artists from different generations, Kadi Estland and Netti Nüganen, present their new installations and videos at the exhibition “vomiting and crying vomiting and crying: you are my sister you are my sister”. Fiction merges with everyday reality in personal and intimate scenes staged on the first floor of the museum. With its intriguing, desperate, and frankly challenging title, the exhibition is a call for positive societal change and an invocation for less self-censorship. The exhibition is organised by Tartu Art Museum in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia.

Artists: Kadi Estland, Netti Nüganen

Curator: Marika Agu (Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia)