Curated project by Maria Arusoo at Kumu Art Museum

Director of the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, Maria Arusoo, opens a special project in conjunction with an exhibition at Kumu Art Museum: "Open Collections: The Artist Takes the Floor". The exhibition is part of a programme to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Art Museum of Estonia.
The vernissage of the exhibition and the special project is on Thursday, July 4 at 6pm at Kumu great hall.
Curator Eha Komissarovhas invited 25 artists and curators to celebrate the centenary of the Art Museum of Estonia by examining the museum's collection and to provide their own version of the artworks.
The project curated by Maria Arusoo, entitled “Mutant”, emerges from Estonian artist Aili Vint's print series "Variations" (1980 - 1987) which engage in a dialogue with artworks by New York based Serbian contemporary artist Ivana Bašić, as well as prints dating back to 19th century. 
The oldest work exhibited is by an unknown Italian artist and dates back to the 17th century. The curated project deals with the dystopian human body of the past and future, taking into account the destruction and alienation of the body in the post-capitalist society of today. 
The project will be accompanied by a performance programme later in Autumn.
The exhibition will be open until November 10, 2019. 
Artists participating in the exhibition "Open Collections: The Artist Takes the Floor":
Eero Alev, Ivana Bašić, Vladimir Dubossarski, Merike Estna, Foxy Haze, Jacob Jessen, Joel Jõevee, Georg Kaasik, Kirke Kangro, Jass Kaselaan, Alice Kask, Jonna Kina, Kristi Kongi, Laura Kuusk, Olev Kuma, Marge Monko, Kaido Ole, RLOALUARNAD, Tõnis Saadoja, Sten Saarits, Jaanus Samma, Jennifer Steinkamp, Taavi Talve, Jan Van Imschoot.
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Aili Vint "Variations E VIII" (1986), Estonian Art Museum
Ivana Bašić "Belay My Light, the Ground Is Gone" (2018)