Book Launch. Kris Lemsalu "Birth V - Hi and Bye"

You are invited to the launch of Kris Lemsalu's new book "BIRTH V - Hi and Bye" on December 5 at 6pm at Q Argentina Grilli, located on the ground floor of Economy hotel. Snacks and welcome drinks are offered. The launch will celebrate the end of the Estonian Pavilion at the 58th Venice biennial.

The book is published by Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Mousse Publishing.

“The work of Kris Lemsalu is pagan and it’s punk and it’s hers and it’s ours… It’s the lightning of heaven and the volcanic heat in the abyssal ocean. It’s the carnival of objects Frank-ensteined together into concoctions as fragile as life itself. It’s life.”––Andrew Berardini

This book will give you a peek into Kris Lemsalu’s explorations in art and life, which in her case are inseparable. The rich visual material - exhibition views mixed with analogue photos of Kris, her friends and collaborators; of her everyday work at the studio and wild parties she attends, is accompanied with essays by L.A. based writer Andrew Berardini and Estonian curator and writer Tamara Luuk.

Kris Lemsalu is Estonian born artist who creates mixed-media sculptures, installations and performances with unexpected materials, evoking the bestial side of human beings and civilizations which are often underscored by feminist themes. The book with texts by Berardini and Luuk—and images selected by the artist herself—provides an overview of Lemsalu’s oeuvre, focusing on “BIRTH V: Hi and Bye”, her biggest project yet, that was produced for the Estonian Pavilion at the 58th Venice biennale.

BIRTH V – Hi and Bye
Editors: Maria Arusoo (CCA) with Kris Lemsalu
Texts: Andrew Berardini and Tamara Luuk
Design: Aadam Kaarma (AKSK)
Publisher: Mousse Publishing in collaboration with Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art