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Olete oodatud 5. märtsil kell 18:00 Jeremy Delleri autoriõhtule koos IHME festivali peakorraldaja Paula Toppilaga Kaasaegse Kunsti Eesti Keskuses (Vabaduse väljak 6). Autoriõhtul tutvustab Jeremy Deller oma videoloomingut ning koostööd Helsingi kunstifestivaliga IHME tänavu aasta märtsis, kus kunstnik korraldab 28.-29. märtsini 24-tunnise rockmuusika dokumentaalide maratoni ja 16.-22. märtsini aktsiooni Do Touch erinvaid paigus Helsingis. Vestlusõhtu on inglise keeles.

IHME projekt tellib avaliku ruumi teoseid rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud kunstnikelt. Delleri Do Touch (“Katsu”) on IHME seitsmes kunstiprojekt, mis seekord toob välja inimeste juurde ajaloo muuseumite objektid ja nende lood. Avalikus ruumis eksponeeritakse dinosauruste kaasaegsed esemed, planeet Maa eelsed objektid ning igasugu maisemad asjad, mida saab katsuda ja mille kohta IHME projekti raames palju teada saab.

Jeremy Deller (s. 1966) elab ja töötab Londonis. Ta on üks tuntumaid kaasaegseid briti kunstnikke, kes esindas Suurbritanniat 2013. aasta Veneetsia biennaalil. Ta on teinud nii perfromance’eid avalikus ruumis, näituseid, filme ja videosid. Avalik ruum on tema loomingu kese, mis keskendub popkultuuri ja ühiskondlike muutuste vahelistele seostele, kaasates mitmesuguseid kogukondi. Deller võitis 2004. aastal maineka Turner Prize’i auhinna, IHME festivalid on näidanud tema loomingut 2008., 2012. ja 2013. aastatel ning ta esines Helsingis esmakordselt 2000. aastal MUU galerii näitusel Social Hackers.

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On March 5 at 6 PM you are welcome to join us for Jeremy Deller and IHME movie night at CCA, Estonia (Vabaduse väljak 6, Tallinn). The artist will introduce his work and Director of IHME Festival Paula Toppila will introduce IHME project. The event is in English and all are welcome!

The expert team of IHME Contemporary Art Festival invited Jeremy Deller to collaborate with the festival, because in his work the Festival’s objectives are combined in a unique way: producing and presenting art in the public space, bringing people together, sparking collective associations and connecting with new audiences. Deller’s artistic production is multifaceted and unprejudiced in its approach, revealing surprising connections between social phenomena and phenomena in the field of popular culture. In several of his projects Deller has collaborated with the so-called ordinary people, giving them the possibility to share their important issues to a wider audience. A keen museum-goer since childhood, Deller is also interested in the presence of the past in the present and the way in which history can inspire contemporary human being.

Do Touch and 24-Hour-Rockshow.
The British artist Jeremy Deller is to design the IHME Project 2015 entitled Do touch. In this new work, the public on their everyday rounds will momentarily be faced with their shared past, when museum objects leave their glass cases and make their way into the hands of city residents in public spaces. People will have a chance to inspect selected objects from the collections of Helsinki’s historical museums as part of the IHME Project for a week in March 2015.
The artist will select the objects together with the staff of the collaborating museums. The staff members, who will be recruited separately, are trained to give further information on the objects and the time period they were used. IHME Project will be realised in partnership with the following museums in Helsinki: Customs Museum, Design Museum, Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS, Helsinki City Art Museum, Military Museum, Museum of Technology and National Museum

Along with the IHME Project, IHME and Jeremy Deller are staging a stunning 24-hour rock-documentary marathon – 24-Hour-Rockshow. The Rockshow will be part of the IHME Days event to be held at the Old Student House in Helsinki on March 28–29, 2015. The lineup will include rarely shown concert recordings and interviews with artists whose music got the whole western world on its feet. The music genres range from the more experimental shores of rap to punk and hip hop, and from rock to heavy metal and soul. Jeremy Deller has selected all the films in the programme and has composed the introductory texts below.

IHME asked its audience to suggest their favourite rock documentaries for inclusion in the Rockshow. Many thanks to all of the participants! Among the films our audience suggested IHME will show the titles Gimme Shelter ja Stop Making Sense. The programme and the schedule of the 24 Hour Rockshow will be completed during February and March. Stay tuned! The organizers reserve the right for changes in the programme. Marathon consists of following films: Björk: Biophilia Live (Nick Fenton & Peter Strickland 2014, 97 min), Peter Przygodda: Can Play Live (Free Concert Sportshalle Cologne 1972), Cracked Actor (Alan Yentob 1974, 53 min), The Cramps: Live at Napa State Mental Hospital (Joe Rees 1981, 20 min), DOA (Lech Kowalski, 1980, 90 min), Gimme Shelter (Albert & David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin 1970, 91 min), Heavy Metal Parking Lot (Jeff Krulik & John Heyn 1986, 17 min), Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin (Michael Darlow 1969, 60 min), Saimaa-ilmiö (Aki & Mika Kaurismäki 1981, 127 min), Sielun veljet Moskovassa (Tahvo Hirvonen 1988, 28 min), Stop Making Sense (Jonathan Demme 1984, 88 min), Wattstax (Mel Stuart 1973, 98 min), The Who Suomessa (Timo Aarniala 1967, 16 min)

The London-based Jeremy Deller (b. 1966) is one of Britain’s best-known contemporary artists. His production spans performances in public space, exhibitions, films and videos. He has made works in public space right from the start of his career. His work often deals with phenomena in the field of popular culture indicating social change and bringing different types of communities together. Deller was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize in 2004 and represented Britain at the Venice Biennale in 2013. IHME showed his films as part of the Festival programme in 2008, 2012 and 2013. Deller’s work was shown in Helsinki for the first time in a series of exhibitions entitled Social Hackers at MUU Gallery in 2000.

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